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Welcome to the Moody Blues Gallery


Inside you’ll find a whole array of rare memorabilia and interesting things to see.  From an amazing collection of rare records, posters, tour programmes etc... to the unique personal scrapbooks belonging to over a dozen singers & musicians that performed with the band members earlier in their careers.  Coupled with original biographies, some of which build upon my series of articles published in Higher & Higher magazine, this site should provide the most complete story of the Moody Blues ever told!




You’ll be able to wander around the corridors, popping in to various
rooms to examine the exhibits within simply by clicking on the
doorways or arrows.




























If it’s a room for a particular band member that you want to visit, you may prefer just to click on their head, at the top of the page.  This works from anywhere within the gallery.

From left to right, there’s Denny Laine, Clint Warwick,
Ray Thomas, Graeme Edge, Mike Pinder, Rod Clark,
Justin Hayward, John Lodge and Patrick Moraz.











Alternatively, you can select one of the rooms
directly from the drop down menus.
















You may find the built-in guide map a useful way to get around too, clicking on the room will transport you directly to it!





































And finally!   Clicking on Band Central will bring up a full family tree, showing the different bands connected to the Moody Blues,
and the various band members.    From here, you’ll be able to click onto the band or person of your choice too.










Room Highlights














There are a great number of pages behind the band members’ door, usually one for each of their previous bands, together with lots of rare photos, a full biography, links to any associated websites and, occasionally,

you’ll see this symbol, allowing you to hear a clip                of a particular track.











If you care to wander over to the Rare Records room, you’ll find some amazing items, from unique acetate discs, a selection of interview albums, unusual pictures sleeves or, a comprehensive discography.   For the concert-goers amongst you, you’ll be at home clicking on the glow-sticks to peruse these pages!



























Other rooms will be dedicated to the Threshold stable of artists, Gordy and the other loved backup musicians, previous management personnel, Internet Links & other online resources, Tour Books, Posters and one for the much-missed 6th Moody, Tony Clarke.











The Top Rank Suite Theatre features a selection of never-before-seen video clips, over time, these will be cycled so, call in occasionally, you might come across another treasure.

















The Map Room launches a zoomable Google Map, pinpointing the exact locations of many key addresses,  from places of birth, to management and fanclub offices, from historic performances such as Isle of Wight, Red Rocks and Madison Square Garden to places of inspiration such as Lydiard Park.   


If you are planning to travel anywhere near these locations, you might find this useful to help locate them or, spot something else within travelling distance.











With all of that walking, you’ll probably start to feel peckish, so, why not pop into the Every Good Boy Deserves Flavour Restaurant! With a fine selection of Moody-related dishes, there’s bound to be something to satisfy your hunger, or raise a glass in Graeme’s Bar!



























Within the gallery, you’ll also find a working freeplay jukebox!   Just select your track to have a listen!  As stated within the Policy Page, I won’t be including any commercially available Moodies tracks,  if you want those, go and buy them!   What you will find is a selection of rarities as well as original versions of tracks that the band covered in the early days, plus, there will be the occasional track authorised for use by the artists themselves - give it a try!















Important Notice:  
Whilst a lot of the Gallery is now open for visitors, some of the rooms are still being constructed so,
if you see this,               please be patient and come back at a later date when hopefully it will be open.









I hope you enjoy your visit