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Denny Laine
Clint Warwick
Ray Thomas
Graeme Edge
Mike Pinder
Rod Clark
Justin Hayward
John Lodge
Patrick Moraz

John Lodge (Bass / Vocals)

Mike Suckling (Guitar / Vocals)

Trevor Griffin (Tenor Sax / Hammond Organ)

Graham Green (Baritone Sax / Tenor Sax / Flute)

Graham Rose (Drums)



Trevor and Graham Green had originally been in a band by the name of The Saints, along with guitarist, the late Pete Oliver and a host of other personnel during their time together.


Pete had always wanted to own his own guitar shop so, when the opportunity came along, the group disbanded.


Trevor and Graham formed another band but engagements were hard to come by, complicated by having to keep explaining that they were ex members of the Saints.  To make things easier, they decided to revert back to that name and bookings once more started to flow.   A Midlands booking agency took over the arrangements and soon they were working seven nights a week.


They came to the attention of a studio owner from Hemel Hempstead, who wanted to sign them up. On a roll, their manager decided it was time to double their fee, with disastrous consequences!  They now found themselves blacklisted by their Agent and all of the other agencies in the area!     At this point, Trevor and Graham were offered positions with The John Bull Breed which they quickly accepted.


Whilst the JBB were enjoying their moment of fame,  the Saints’ guitarist had kept in touch with the studio owner and, in August 1966, (whilst the JBB  were completing a number of shows in Torquay), was asked to reform the band, down in Hemel Hempstead.


Trevor and Graham agreed and convinced John Lodge to jump ship too.   The Saints’ drummer Mike was unable to join them so the JBB’s Graham Rose was also enlisted as an excellent replacement.


Bookings were not as frequent as they would have liked but did secure a regular slot at The Cromwellian, revered as THE in-club in London at the time.


It is well known that John had been first choice as bassist for the Moody Blues but was intent on completing his apprenticeship. With Clint already having left and Rod holding the reins, and Denny announcing his departure, the time had arrived for him to take up his rightful place in Birmingham’s No.1 group.