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Mike Pinder - Rockin Tuxedos
Mike Pinder - Billy Saunders and the Tuxedo's  /  Rocking Tuxedos
Mike Pinder - Rocking Tuxedos
Mike Pinder - Rocking Tuxedos



Birmingham Town Hall


December 1961



Streetly Youth Club


Tamworth, Assembly Rooms. Alders Christmas dance


Billy Saunders (vocals)

Alan ‘Bugsy’ Eastwood (drums)

Tony Carter (guitar)

John Killigrew (guitar)

Mike Pinder (piano)


(John) Norman Bradley (bass)

Carl Fenn (vocals)

Ted Tunnicliffe (lead guitar)

Rob Nicholls (rhythm)

Ian Hines (piano)

Ricky Barnes (tenor sax)

Don Hawkins (drums)


The band was originally called Billy Saunders and the Tuxedo’s led by tall Smethwick lad Billy.

In February 1958, the band entered a competition held at Birmingham Town Hall with the winner to be decided upon by crowd reaction to their sets.  Their rivals the Tiger Sharks decided that this called for foul play, enlisting all their friends from Acocks Green bus depot to attend to skew the results. The Tuxedos however emerged victorious to much commotion from the Tiger Sharks’ entourage.



On 9th December 1961 they appeared at Streetly Youth Club’s Rock Night.  Briefly changing to The Tuxedos, they played regular sets at the Birmingham Racecourse Social Club, Bromford Bridge.


By the end of the month however, to avoid confusion with another band by that name, they settled on the name The Rocking Tuxedos.












A number of changes were made to the line-up and, following Mike’s departure, the Rocking Tuxedo’s now comprising (John) Norman Bradley (bass), Carl Fenn (vocals), Ted Tunnicliffe (lead guitar), Rob Nicholls (rthythm), Ian Hines (piano), Ricky Barnes (tenor sax) and Don Hawkins (drums).


The group played some dates in Paris where they were spotted by French singer Dick Rivers and were transformed into the new Krew Kats.


Photos courtesy of Mike Pinder


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